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Monster Tales A Delightful Adventure for Little Readers

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There Was an Old Monster! is a captivating children's book written by Rebecca Emberley, Adrian Emberley, Ed Emberley, and illustrated by Adrian Emberley. With its vivid illustrations and engaging storyline, this book is sure to captivate young readers.

The authors, Rebecca Emberley and Adrian Emberley, have created a delightful and humorous tale that takes readers on a thrilling adventure. The story follows an old monster as it goes on a mischievous journey, causing chaos and laughter along the way.

Ed Emberley's illustrations are a visual treat, bringing the characters and their antics to life. The bold and colorful artwork adds an extra layer of excitement to the story, making it even more enjoyable for children of all ages.

This book is not only entertaining but also educational. It helps children develop their reading skills and encourages creativity and imagination. The rhythmic text and repetitive phrases make it easy for young readers to follow along and participate in the storytelling.

There Was an Old Monster! is a perfect addition to any child's library. Whether it's read aloud by parents or enjoyed independently, this book is sure to become a beloved favorite. It offers a wonderful combination of fun, adventure, and learning, making it an ideal choice for children who love imaginative stories.


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